Power Tools

Power Tools

Power Tools

Power tools corded and cordless from Milwaukee Dewalt, Metabo, Bordo, Fragram

Air tools from Genius, M7, Shinano, Alliance, Jonnesway

Drill bits from 1 to 30mm and 1/16” to 1-1/4” individually; metric and imperial sets; cobalt drills; 
Bimetal Hole Saws from 14 to 152 mm ; arbors; 75mm deep timber/masonry holesaws; 
Masonry drills inc SDS & SDS Plus; tile drill sets; spade drills;
Sluggers metric 25mm and 50mm deep cut
Carbide burrs
Wire brushes and wheels, fan discs, flap discs
Cutting and grinding wheels up to 400mm diameter; sanding discs and accessories
Buffing and polishing discs and compounds, finishing belts
Rivets, rivets and tools
 Lubrication equipment, hand air and battery and accessories

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