Hand Tools

Hand Tools

Hand Tools

Hand tools from Genius, Knipex, Toledo, Sidchrome, Gearwrench, Crescent, Lufkin, Bahco, Irwin, Jonnesway, Fuller Pro 

Impact tools from Genius, Action

Spanners and wrenches: metric and imperial individual and sets; shifters; pipe wrenches (steel and al); chain wrenches

Sockets and accessories: individual c/v short and deep up to 3/4” drive and sets in metric and imperial
Impact sockets and accessories: individual up to 3/4” drive metric and imperial short and deep; impact hex and torx drivers some up to 1” drive

Pliers: sidecutters; nippers; circlip pliers; fencing pliers; snips; long nose; universal; vice grips; multigrips; electronic miniatures
Punches, chisels, pry bars, wrecking bars

Screwdrivers: individual and sets, flat, phillips, HV, torx, nut drivers; 1/4” drive bits & adaptors

Bolt Cutters: mini and large

Automotive tools

Toolboxes and toolbags

Measuring: Rulers; Tape measures; Scribes; Measuring wheels; Vernier calipers, micrometers, torque wrenches, spirit levels, engineers squares, protractors, bevels, trammels; Lasers; dumpy levels; infrared thermometers

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